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Cat Lady Vintage Necklace Cat Lady Vintage Necklace The Brain Candy

Cat Lady Vintage Necklace


Sometimes you love your cat so much you get a pic framed and wear it around your neck....or you could just wear this vintage upcycled necklace instead which is cute af ;) Actual vintage necklace and vintage charm Upcycled toy Necklace Post a pic wearing Brain Candy and tag us...

Holographic Mermaid Pants Holographic Mermaid Pants Quirky Finds

Holographic Mermaid Pants


While many of us dream of living under the sea, with singing crabs and fish for friends, most of us are stuck up here on land. Don't feel like a fish out of water! These holographic mermaid pants will have you flippin' your fins! Wide waistband w/ rear zipper Bellbottom...

Squeaking Furry Monster Halter Top Squeaking Furry Monster Halter Top The Brain Candy

Squeaking Furry Monster Halter Top


This SQUEAKING comfy n' cozy halter is as cute in the front as it is classy in the back.  No Monsters were hurt to make this <3 Satin Ties and Bows Squeaker inside the top for cutest possible huggability! Lined with satin Fits an XS-M  in US sizing- *Please email...

Hungry Baby Monster Scarf Hungry Baby Monster Scarf The Brain Candy

Hungry Baby Monster Scarf

$65.00 $52.00

NOM NOM NOM!  This monster Is cute af with a giant felt tongue and built in squeaker in the face. Soft faux fur Embroidered Eyes Extra long Squeaker in the face Cute large felt tongue & teeth Handmade in Canada by The Brain Candy Extra warm Post a pic wearing...

My little Plurmaid Oyster Crossbody Bag My little Plurmaid Oyster Crossbody Bag Quirky Finds

My little Plurmaid Oyster Crossbody Bag


Holographic Mermaid Crossbody Bag with pearl accents. Purse strap with “pearls” and adjustable Holographic Pink Vinyl material Clam Shell shape Post a pic wearing Brain Candy and tag us on social media to be featured on our site and on our social media<3 @thebraincandy -Instagram @Thebraincandy -Facebook Questions or concerns?...

Sheetfaced Raver Buddy Sheetfaced Raver Buddy The Brain Candy

Sheetfaced Raver Buddy

$40.00 $35.00

Sheetfaced was found Wandering the streets with not a care in the world.  We dressed her up, gave her a backpack and starting training her to be a raver buddy.  Upcycled Doll Added Backpack for you to have a satchel! Comes with Miniature plastic bottle  Her eyes open and close...